How To Take the Doors Off a Jeep

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Ready to take your Wrangler on a real adventure around Tulsa? Learning how to take the doors off a Jeep Wrangler or take apart your Jeep roof is key if you want a genuine off-roading experience! Your pre-owned or new Jeep vehicle’s removable roof and doors make it one of the most versatile and unique SUVs on the market today. Read the guide below to learn more with Jim Glover Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT!

How To Take Apart Your Jeep Wrangler Doors

To take apart Jeep Wrangler doors, start by rolling down the windows to protect the glass. Then follow these steps for how to take the doors off a Jeep:

  1. Remove the footwell under the dashboard (near the b-pillar), and disconnect any power cables.
  2. Gently lift the door straps off the hooks to remove them from the vehille.
  3. Pull out the bolt from the door hinges, and gently slide the door off.

You’re now free to enjoy the elements in your doorless Jeep Wrangler! After you take apart Jeep doors, be sure to stow them in a safe and dry place. Pro tip: for easier door removal next time around, try lubing the door hinges.

Why Take Apart Your Jeep Wrangler Doors and Roof?

Jeep SUVs can do things that no competitor can! Learning how to take the doors off a Jeep, or scheduling service to remove the roof, is a great way to get the most out of your vehicle. For one, removing the doors creates a more immersive off-road experience. Many outdoor enthusiasts appreciate this because enjoying the elements is a key part of driving the trails.

Another perk of removing your Jeep’s doors is better fuel economy. Thanks to the lighter overall weight of the vehicle sans doors, your fuel will last longer on the trail in Broken Arrow.

How to Take a Top Off a Jeep SUV

If you’re removing the doors, you probably want to know how to take a top off a Jeep top, too.

Doing so lets you enjoy your Wrangler’s full potential as an off-road SUV — one that was born for the scenic route! 

While you may wish to learn how to take a top off a Jeep yourself, it’s best to let a professional take apart your Jeep roof. The roof is more difficult to maneuver than the doors, and attempting to remove it on your own may cause permanent damage. However, certified Jeep technicians at the Jim Glover Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT service department are happy to help!

Schedule Certified Jeep Service in Owasso

Whether you want to speak with an expert about how to take the doors off a Jeep, take apart your Jeep roof, or are considering your lifted Jeep Wrangler options in Collinsville, we’re here to help! Contact us today to get started.

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