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Here’s How the Process Works!



Pick the vehicle you want to order.


Fill out the order form and provide as much detail as possible about what you’re looking for. If you don’t know the trim levels or options you want……no worries! Our product specialist will guide you through the process.


We’ll send you a PDF/email of your vehicle and all pricing options for approval. You can also send us the PDF from the build and price tool on any of the factory websites to make sure we get every last option you are looking for.

Here’s how to find those sites:

Jeep Ram Chrysler Dodge


Once you have your vehicle configured with pricing and you are ready, simply sign off on your vehicle configuration and place a deposit with us.


Don’t worry about missing out on rebates or discounts…..we guarantee any rebates or discounts will be the same or BETTER when your vehicle arrives.


Sit back and wait roughly 70-90 days from the day the order was placed. We’ll keep you updated on the process the ENTIRE time so you can get excited about the arrival of your new ride!



Grand Cherokee / Grand Cherokee L

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Grand Cherokee 4XE

Grand Cherokee 4xE
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Wrangler / Gladiator / 4XE

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Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer

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3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab

3500 Chassis Cab
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Promaster Van

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still don’t know if custom ordering your vehicle is right for you? Here’s some additional information that might be helpful.


How long will it take to get my vehicle?

Custom orders arrive faster than stock orders. Simply put, your order gets prioritized in production. The current lead times are between 70-90 days, depending on which model you order.

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Will I still get all discounts & rebates?

Yes! Many available rebates are locked-in the day you place your order. However, if rebates are better when your vehicle arrives, you’ll get the better rebate. So placing an order today allows you to secure your vehicle at your price, protecting you from any factory price increases with Sold Order Price Protection.


What about my trade?

Our team can appraise your trade based on today’s market value conditions and we can buy your current vehicle when you place your order based on today’s value. Or, you can keep and drive your car until your new ordered vehicle arrives. At that time, we will appraise your trade-in and give you the most value possible for it. We need great pre-owned vehicle inventory and we need your trade-in! We will always be competitive when it comes to the value of your trade.

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I’m really not sure what trim levels and features I want?

No worries at all. Our product specialist can walk you through the process to build the perfect vehicle that fits your needs. We’ll ask some questions to determine features like trim level, color, drivetrain, engine, packages and options! The factory websites have great “build and price” tools to walk you through the available options. You can visit them at these links and send us a PDF of the configuration you want:

Your new vehicle will be built specifically for you, and will even have your name printed on the window sticker!


Do I get a discount if I place a custom order?

Yes! Supply chain issues and increased demand have significantly affected new car prices across the country, just as it has affected prices in about every industry. When you place a custom vehicle order with us, our dealership reports a sold vehicle and is awarded an additional allocation from the factory. In other words, placing your sold order enables us to sell another vehicle that we otherwise would not have. In return, we extend a discount to you for being willing to wait on your perfect vehicle. In essence, you save extra money on your vehicle, and we earn extra vehicles to have for sale in the future.

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